Solid Jade Roller


Solid Jade Face Roller for use alongside our luxury Face cream as part of a beauty routine known into China to produce youthful, blemish free skin. They are rolled upwards along the contours of the face as shown in our Face Range Leaflet and Traditionally improve the complexion and tone and firm the skin.



Solid Jade rollers have been used for thousands of years by the wealthiest Chinese and are a prized beauty possession for many women. 

Made of solid jade, the jade roller is a traditional Chinese Medicine anti-wrinkle & anti-aging tool used for youthful skin. Every powerful woman of ancient China treasured her Jade roller. They are used traditionally for lymphatic drainage, puffiness, sagging skin, open pores & wrinkles. The jade feels soothing and calming on the skin and provides a relaxing personal facial massage. Once you have used a jade roller you will never be without one, used by celebrities like Kylie Minogue the Jade Roller is a key beauty tool for every woman’s collection

Directions: Roll larger end of Jade roller over skin beginning at the centre of the forehead, following the arrows shown in the diagram & repeating in each area 3-6 times. Use the smaller end under the eyes. Repeat daily

The video below is a demonstration of how to use a jade roller as part of your beauty regime:


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