Nourish Set (Body wash & cream)

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A set of our Nourish Body Wash and Nourish Body Cream (saving £2 on the individual items). You skin will never have felt as pampered!


The Nourish range is powered by organic pearl powder, famous in China for its rejuvenating qualities, toning witch hazel and ten powerful Chinese herbs combined into a complex formula. Our body & hand products have all the key ingredients used in Ancient China for beautiful, nourished, toned and smooth skin.

Our Nourish range herb complex is made of high quality herbs known in Traditional Chinese Medicine to intensely moisturise, improve circulation & elasticity. These herbs are used traditionally in the treatment of eczema & scars and have been used for thousands of years to smooth and nourish the skin. We blended key Chinese herbs with our organic, natural creams and washes and beautifully fragrant organic essential oils to make a body range to care for and nourish your skin every day.

The herbs in our herb complex are:

  • Safflower has been shown in Chinese studies to boost the circulation & break down cellulite
  • Solomon’s Seal has been used for centuries to moisturise & improve the appearance of the skin
  • Gingko Biloba is used traditionally to regenerate cells, as a powerful anti-oxidant and to help circulation
  • Goji berries are packed with anti-oxidants and revered in China for their anti-aging properties
  • Poria used in Chinese Imperial courts to maintain clear and radiant skin
  • Fennel seed has strong cleansing and toning properties in herbal medicine
  • Nutgrass known in China to nurture skin & minimize scarring
  • Water plantain used traditionally to tone skin
  • Chrysanthemum is used in herbal medicine as a soothing anti-inflammatory
  • Kelp is high in natural silicon, believed to keep skin from wrinkling & sagging

pearlPearl Powder used by the Chinese for thousands of years for flawless, lustrous, beautiful skin. It is extremely rich in amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, B-vitamins and a wide range of minerals. Studies have shown that pearl boosts the action of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) one of the body’s strongest antioxidant enzymes which can decrease signs of ageing. Pearl powder is in our body cream

Our body cream & wash contain the herb complex and our cream contains a high percentage of pearl powder.Our cream contains Grapefruit, Mandarin & vanilla essential oils and our body wash Neroli & Grapefruit. Leaving skin soft and lusciously scented.

organiclogoOrganic & Natural
All herbal fix products are made using certified organic bases which contain no nasties like SLS or parabens. This makes them gentle and natural on your skin.

Our body cream comes in a 200ml BPA free, recyclable PET plastic jar with a screw lid and our body wash comes in a 200ml BPA free, recyclable PET plastic bottle with an easy click top.

Directions: Body wash: Lather and use to wash in shower. Body cream: Massage into skin in upwards circles

See bottle/ jar for ingredients

†References: Shengshan Hu et al. Research on anti-aging effects of pearl water solution. Chinese Herbal Medicine 25(4):203, 1994 Tong ZH et al, The anti-aging effect of pearl oyster shell powder (POSP). Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1988 Dec;8(4):247-50

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